Before Your Visit

Before You Visit

To prepare for and make the most of your visit, we recommend taking the following steps before you arrive for your appointment at the Clinical Dermatology Center:

    • Check your health insurance coverage. Find out what services your plan covers and whether you need a referral from your primary care provider. Remember to bring your health insurance card(s) and identification the day of your appointment.
    • Knowing your medical history will help our dermatologist make a diagnosis, decide treatment options, and prescribe medicine, if necessary. Please be prepared to elaborate on the following, when asked by our medical assistants or the doctor:

      • Medications you take

      • Major illnesses or surgeries you have had

      • Previous skin problems

      • When your current symptoms began

      • Your allergies

      • Illnesses that your family members have had, such as cancer, heart disease, or diabetes

    • Write down and rank all of your questions. It is common for patients to have more than one skin condition and/or more than one skin concern. Use the time during your appointment wisely by bringing up your concerns with in the priority order, starting with the most pressing one. Having things written down will help you remember everything you plan to talk to the dermatologist about and make the most of your visit.

    • Take note and inform the dermatologist at your next appointment of significant changes to your skin, such as a mole increasing in size or changing color, a dry skin patch, or existing acne getting worse, even if that is not the reason for your visit. Note when exactly the problem began as well as the changing features. Take photos if you find that easier. This can especially help if your condition has slightly gotten better before your appointment.

    • Avoid using makeup and wearing anything other than your moisturizer or skin care treatment to allow the doctor to examine and treat your skin thoroughly. If you need your nails examined, please take off any nail polish you may have on.

    • Try to avoid rubbing or picking at your skin, or otherwise irritating your skin, before your appointment.

    • Prepare and position yourself mentally for compliance with the guidance and specific instructions by our medical personnel. Most skin problems cannot be solved in a day. Some cases might require multiple and/or alternative treatments. Please be patient, trust our expertise, and remember the long-term goal of having better, healthier skin.

Currently, the Clinical Dermatology Center is taking appointments for all skin care needs. To book your appointment, click the Book Online button on this page.

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