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Dr. Ilene Bayer-Garner is a Board Certified Pathologist who received her medical degree from University of Calgary Faculty of Medicine and completed her Fellowship in Dermatopathology at Bayer College of Medicine. Dr. Bayer-Garner has been in practice for over 20 years and has diagnosed close to half a million skin biopsy specimens. 

When a Clinical Dermatology Center dermatologist collects a skin tissue for biopsy, removes a mole, a cyst, or any other abnormal skin lesion, the specimen is sent to Dianon, a Labcorp-affiliated laboratory, where it is processed into glass slides. These slides are then rushed to Dr. Bayer-Garner for microscopic examination and diagnosing. Upon completion of her analysis, Dr. Bayer-Garner issues a formal pathology report, which is shared with the treating dermatologist and, after the dermatologist's interpretation, with the patient. 

Dr. Bayer-Garner continuously liaises with all other Clinical Dermatology Center physicians to ensure diagnosis accuracy and promptly brings up any identified malignancies to the attention of the treating dermatologist to ensure expediency and best patient treatment outcome. Complex cases, requiring a second opinion or a panel review, are referred by her to appropriate pathologists within the Labcorp network. 

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